Metrics Windows

The Metrics windows are the primary displays for analyzing the quantitative measurements that Imagix 4D makes about your software. Available as tabs in the Main panel, there is a separate window for each type of symbol whose metric Imagix 4D generates - directory, file, namespace, class, function and variable. In addition, there is a seperate window for each of the architectures you have defined, where you can analyze the subsystems specific to that architecture.

Within these Metrics windows, you can list, sort, compare and rank all the symbols of that given specific type. Imagix 4D collects a wide range of software metrics for each symbol type, and withing each Metrics window, you're able to specify which of these metrics you want to view.

Format alternatives let you select a display style that supports your analysis. Color-coding indicates where a given metric lies with respect to thresholds you set.

Advanced Topics: See Software Metrics for further information about metrics displays and detailed descriptions of the software metrics available in Imagix 4D.