Main Panel Tools

The Tools and the Reports menus both provide access to a number of information display windows. Imagix 4D's database contains extensive data collected from your software, and these display windows make that data available to you through the user interface. The difference between the two sets is that the display windows available through the Reports menu show information about the full scope of the project.

In contrast, the information displays available through Tools menu are used to visualize this data rather directly, and enable you to navigate through and focus on specific portions of your code.

Primary among these are the Graphs, where you're able to visualize and analyze the symbol and dependencies in your software from the highest architectural levels down to the detailed sequence and conditionality of inter-function control flow. The Flow Charts show the internal flow of control within functions. The Data Flows provide information about the assignments in the source code that contribute to the value of a variable. And the File Editors directly present your source code, but in a way that speeds browsing and understanding.

In addition to the insight gained from these display windows individually, part of the power of Imagix 4D is the interaction of all these windows together. You're able to analyze and understand your software more quickly when you use these displays in combination.