Graph Windows

The most powerful, and most unique, of Imagix 4D's information displays are the Graph windows. These Graph windows help you understand your software by pictorially representing specific symbols and how they relate to each other. In this way you're able to visualize the structure and dependencies inherent in your code.

The symbols are represented by shapes. The symbol types are coded by shape and color so that you can distinguish between different types. Relationships are represented by lines. All of the relationships captured by Imagix 4D have a direction, and you're able to see it from the arrowhead. The line's color indicates the type of relationship.

Functions are designated throughout Imagix 4D by the color blue, and are represented here by the rectangles with blue sides. The green sided shapes represent variables. Red colored lines show calls from one function to another. Variable reads by a function are indicated by the orange lines, and variable sets by the aquamarine ones. In some cases, the colors of the shapes and lines are enhanced, indicating that they have been selected in the graph for additional emphasis.

The most fundamental Graph window control is View, where you're able to select an overall display approach that is optimized for your current program understanding task. The View selection controls which types of symbols and relationships are visible in the Graph window, as well as aspects of the format used to graphically display the information. The Symbols Key (Help > Symbols) shows the shape and color-coding of the currently viewable symbol and relationship types. For information about a specific symbol or relationship, move the mouse over it and hold down MOUSE [Shift-Control-Left] to pop up the Information overlay.

The Graph window query functions provide complete control over what particular symbols appear in the graph. There are whole sets of query functions - Select, Traverse, Group and Filter - that help you specify what appears and is emphasized in the graph. And you can store and later retrieve various graphs with the Bookmark function.

Advanced Topics: See Graphical Analysis for further information about applying the visualization and functionality the graph windows.