Complementary Displays

Bordering the Main panel are a series of panels that provide complementary information to that presented in the tools, metrics and reports.
Each of these panels serves a particular purpose.

The List panel provides inventories of the various symbols in your project, serving as a starting point for navigation and browsing.

The displays in the Context panel provide perspective on the contents of the Graph windows, as well as the overall project.

Much of the analytical capability of Imagix 4D is achieved through querying, which is primarily done through the Query panel.

The Symbol panel displays comprehensive information about one specific symbol at a time.

In addition to these fixed panels, the Information overlay provides a summary about symbols and relationships appearing in any of the display windows.

Part of the power of Imagix 4D is the interaction of all these windows together. The availability of these displays in combination enables you to analyze and understand your software more quickly and more deeply.