Loading in Your Java Code

Once you have created an empty new project, there are three main steps for populating the new database with information about the source code that you want to analyze.

1. Select and configure a language configuration file

The language configuration file provides a convenient way to specify class paths for the various system .jar files (such as rt.jar) that you typically want to analyze as part of your Java project. By specifying the class paths in a language configuration file, you're able to control which version of a given jar file to include and avoid repetitive set-up.

Selecting and configuring a language configuration file is a one-time activity. You can use the resulting configuration file to analyze any of your source code that that runs with that set of jar files.

2. Specify your source files and how to analyze them

The central step in importing your source code into Imagix 4D is having the tool analyze your source code. In the dialog, you'll specify

-- the location(s) of the java files
-- the names of the java files (using *.java style expansions)
-- the location(s) of the associated class files

3. Adjust the project settings to refine the analysis results

Once you have defined your project settings and started the analyzer, any issues encountered by the analyzer will be reported to the Analyzer Results window. You can use these reported results to fine-tune your project settings and achieve a more precise representation of your software.