Creating a New Project

A project, for Imagix 4D, is a repository of information about your software. In loading your software, you'll first be creating a new, empty project and then populating it with information collected from your source code.

Create a new project

Open the New Project dialog (File > New Project). In the Directory field, enter the name of the directory or folder where you want to put the project being created. This must be a currently existing directory where you have write permissions. Oftentimes, users like to use the directory where their source code is, so they know where to look for the project. However, you may put the project anywhere.

In the Name field, enter the name you want to assign to the project. Imagix 4D will create a new directory with this name, appending a .4D suffix so you'll be able to recognize the directory as an Imagix 4D project directory.

You may chose to enter a description of the project in the optional Description field. As your collection of projects grows, the description will help you recall the contents of a given project. Alternatively, the description can be added later, through the Open Project dialog (File > Open Project).

Then click on the OK button.