Step 3 - Adjust the Project Settings (Java)

As the source code analysis starts, an Analysis Results window appears in Imagix 4D's main panel. As the source code analysis occurs, you can use this window to monitor the process and get a sense of how cleanly the source code is being analyzed. If you see that a lot of errors and warnings are being generated, it's probably best to use the Halt button to stop the analysis so that you don't waste time before beginning this refinement your project settings.

When the analysis completes, either naturally or through the Halt button, you can use the window to review and resolve any analysis issues that have been identified.

3a. Determine any missing -cp flags

The Analysis Results window offers a number of different displays, through the Display menu and its equivalent icon bar buttons. One of these, Display > Show Unlocated Files, focuses on analyzer messages about missing imports.

If you see an analyzer message that says `could not locate import for', the most likely cause is that the class path for a jar or class file hasn't been specified. Determine where the file is actually located, and thus what should be included through a -cp switch.

3b. Modify the class path settings

If you're using the language configuration file approach and the .jar files for your standard Java environment are not being found, modify the language configuration file appropriately.

Otherwise, bring up the original Data Sources dialog (Project > Data Sources) and make the necessary changes on the Source Files or Class Paths tab.

3c. Specify the entire set of source files

If you are purposely only analyzing a subset of your files while you adjust the data source settings, and if you have adjusted the class path settings so that you're getting just a few error messages, change the file definitions to reflect all the files you want to analyze. Bring up the original Data Sources dialog (Project > Data Sources) and specify the change in the Files field on the Source Files tab.

3d. Repeat this process as appropriate

Until you're satisfied with the analysis results, continue to modify the language configuration file and/or the Data Sources dialog as appropriate, then reanalyze the code. For language configuration file changes, use Project > Regenerate Project Data. Then return to step 3a, and repeat this process.