Release History


Version 9.1.1 of Imagix 4D was released on January 28, 2019.

Our licensing policy enables customers to receive the benefit of our latest advances. Here is a history of our recent releases. More detail about specific changes is contained in our release notes.

Release Highlights
9.1 Added metrics and analysis of stack size for embedded code.
Added import of test coverage data from Testwell CTC++.
9.0 Introduced Review Tool for guided checklist reviews.
Added checklist for Common Weakness Enumeration (CWE) testing.
Added checklist for systematic review of Delta Analysis changes.
Improved performance of Flow Check reports (10x).
Expanded functionality of Calculation Tree data flow visualizer.
8.1 Added binary analysis for Microsoft Visual C++ #import, #using directives.
Added Subsystem Architectures to document generation.
8.0 Introduced Delta Analysis for structural comparison of revisions.
Added Design Structure Matrix (DSM) views for architectural analysis.
Added Martin quality of architecture metrics.
Added Use of Variables, Variable Dependencies reports.
Added Diff Tool for use with Delta Analysis.
Added API for custom reports, checks, metrics, data export via plug-ins.
7.4 Reengineered 2D layout of Graph windows.
Added Flow Chart layout and content alternatives.
Added import and display of gcov coverage results (7.4.1).
Enhanced analysis of calls via function pointers (7.4.5).
Added 64 bit version of Imagix 4D for Windows, Linux.
7.3 Added Subsystem Architecture Diagram.
Added analysis of Java method calls through the reflection API.
Initial release of Kanji user interface for Japanese users.
7.2 Enhanced visualization in Graph windows.
7.1 Added UML Task Collaboration Diagram.
Added support for Microsoft Visaul Studio 2010 .vcxproj files.
Added ability to define project using logs files from running make.
7.0 Enhanced document generation functionality, format and contents.
Expanded Analyze feature for automated source code analysis.
Added directory level metrics.
Enhanced user interface look and feel.