Track and Test
Variable Data Flow

Multiple levels of pointer indirection. Passing by reference. Dynamic memory allocation. Type casting. These are among the features that give C and C++ so much power. They also introduce more possibility for design and programming error, and make tracing data flow difficult. Imagix 4D can help.

For C and C++ developers


Trace Data Flow

Follow the flow of calculations that go into or result from the current value of a variable. Use upstream / downstream dependency info for:
  • Debugging Code
  • What-If or Change Analysis
  • Test Case Development
  • Designing Regression Tests

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Test Variable Usage

Variable-related errors can lead directly to serious impacts, as well as point to underlying design or implementation issues. Reports:
  • Unused Variables
  • Uninitialized Variables Read
  • Useless Variable Assignments
  • Concurrency Conflicts

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Analyze your software now. Download and get started exploring the tool. Imagix 4D's source code analysis includes support for:
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