Reverse Engineer
Your Software

Understand, document and improve complex, third party or legacy software. Through reverse engineering, you can derive the software's overall architecture. Examine the class design and variable usage. Speed comprehension of control flow and dependencies. With Imagix 4D, you'll achieve increased productivity, higher quality, and reduced risk.

For developers of C, C++ and Java software


Typical Applications

Speed your design and QC activities via Imagix 4D's source code analysis. Automates:
  • Learning Unfamiliar Code
  • Dependency Analysis
  • Integrating Open Source Code
  • Code Reuse
  • Generating Documentation
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Key Features

Understand your source code faster and more accurately, through software visualization and analysis.
  • Architecture Diagrams
  • UML Class Diagrams
  • Control Flow Graphs
  • Function Pointer Support
  • Software Metrics

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Free Trial

Reverse engineer and analyze your software now. Download and get started exploring the tool. Imagix 4D's source code import supports:
  • Embedded Cross-Compilers
  • Microsoft .NET Extensions
  • Multitasking Systems
  • Combined C, C++ and/or Java