Reporting Problems

Of course, we do our utmost to make the operation of Imagix 4D free of any problems. However, it is a very complex tool, and difficulties may occur. The tool contains built-in mechanisms for automatically logging errors and for generating trace files on demand.

Normally, if an internal error occurs while Imagix 4D is running, the cursor momentarily switches to a spray can (bug spray), the current operation is halted, and the error is logged. At this point, user control returns. If you didn't notice the cursor flash, your only indication that an error occurred is that nothing happened with regard to the operation you tried to perform.

The default file location that Imagix 4D uses for logging errors is indicated in the Options dialog (Files > Options > Behavior and Appearance > Technical Support). In addition to noting the time of the error, the log contains information that can be helpful to us in eliminating the underlying cause of the error. If you periodically check for the presence an error log file and send it to us at, we will use that data to improve the tool.

If you're working with our technical support staff regarding a problem that you're having using Imagix 4D, you may be asked to send us a trace log. Debug trace is enabled through the same Options dialog. The trace operation slows Imagix 4D performance and can generate quite a sizable file, so its use is only recommended when a problem is occurring. Running trace in crash support mode slows performance further. These performance and file size impacts can be minimized by setting the trace operation to only capture the relevant data.