Adapting to Your Environment

There are settings within Imagix 4D itself to deal with project size limitations (see Project Resources). In addition, adjustments to your compute environment can help with the resource demands of large projects.

Imagix 4D is more memory intensive than compute intensive; therefore, if you're working with large projects and want to improve the performance of the tools, it is better to add memory than to increase processor speed. Otherwise, you may find that your workstation is spending a lot of time swapping memory.

While operating Imagix 4D, you may get a message that Imagix 4D ran out of memory while trying to allocate 2 bytes. This typically indicates that the system ran out of swap space. To resolve the problem, create more system swap space from your disk space. As Imagix 4D runs within a single project, it uses increasing amounts of swap space. To free up this memory and speed performance, you may want to occasionally reopen the project you are already working in.

The same out of memory message can occur when the system runs out of heap space. If you've confirmed that you have plenty of swap space and you still get the message, check how much heap space is available. This is most likely to be a problem in HP-UX systems, where the default limit for heap space is 64MB. If you're working with large projects, you ought to make at least 500MB available (the default on Solaris systems is 2,000MB).