Uninitialized Variables Read

The Uninitialized Variables Read report shows global, static and local variables that are read before they are ever initialized or set. The existence of this condition may be result from a simple failure to initialize the variables, or might indicate that some logic is faulty or missing. Consider the following example:

int globalA, globalB, globalC;

int func2(int paramW, int paramX) {
        int localA;
        localA = globalA;
        localA = globalB;
        localA = globalC;
        return localA;

int func1(void) {
        int localW = 1;
        int localX, localY, localZ;
	int decision = 1;
        globalA = localW;
	if (decision) {
	    globalB = localW;
	    globalC = localW;
	} else {
	    globalC = localW;
        localY = func2(localW, localX);
	return localZ;

In the resulting report, localX and localZ are listed, as they are both read within func1 without having been initialized. The variable globalB is also reported, because its initialization is dependent on an if condition, while globalC is initialized regardless of whether or not the if condition is met.

Uninitialized Variables Read

        Global Variables:          displayed
        Static Variables:          displayed
        Struct Container Summary:  omitted
        Union/Bitfield Members:    separate

Task Definitions
Tasks are from Auto Task Generation: Any root functions
Name                Members  Graph  Root
autotask 1 - func1        2    [+]  func1

Variable                                          File (Line)
    Function                                          File (Line)
globalB                                           uninit_vars_read.c (2)
    func2                                             uninit_vars_read.c (4)
        7 localA = globalB;

localX                                            uninit_vars_read.c (13)
    func1                                             uninit_vars_read.c (11)
       22 localY = func2(localW, localX);

localZ                                            uninit_vars_read.c (13)
    func1                                             uninit_vars_read.c (11)
       23 return localZ;

Note that task definitions are included in this report. The report does take task definitions into account in determining the starting points for the data flow. However, this report is not one of the Task Flow Checks, and there is no need to manually define the tasks (see the Task Flow Checks section of the User Guide).