Symbol Panel

The Symbol panel provides insight about one specific symbol at a time. The panel consists of a series of tabs that provide detailed information about different, complementary aspects that one specific symbol. These tabs also serve as a navigation center across the tool.

The graph in the Cross Reference tab shows the direct usage and dependencies or the symbol for a specific relationship type. Use a Graph window from the Main panel from more advanced graphical visualization of your software.

The Usage tab displays the source code for all the uses of the symbol. Using the database knowledge of where the symbol is actually used, the Usage tab eliminates spurious string matches, understands the symbol's scope, and tracks symbol usage hidden behind macro definitions. The Usage tab compliments the Next / Previous Reference function in the File Editor. While the Reference functions enables you to cycle through and examine, in context, each use of the symbol, the Usage tab presents all of the uses in one display.

The General Info tab displays general attributes about a symbol, such as the symbol's type and scope, and where it is defined and/or declared.

The definition of the symbol is presented in the Source Code tab. This snippet from the source file is color-coded and click-able, just as it would be when displayed in the File Editor, but contains just the symbol's definition, and nothing else from the file.

The Members tab lists the members of the specific symbol being examined. For files, namespaces and classes, the same information is also available through the Members tab of the slide out extensions to the respective List panel. When accessed through the List panel, the Members tab includes controls for filtering which members are listed.

Imagix 4D generates a series of software metrics about your source code. The Metrics tab shows the software metrics values for the current symbol. Use the Metrics reports in the Main panel to view the metrics of multiple symbols at one time.

Browsing History

Focusing the Symbol panel can be done from a display through the context sensitive menu by right clicking on a symbol, or holding down the left mouse button. From within the Symbol panel itself, a simple left click will refocus the panel.

A trail of your recent symbol browsing is available in the Symbol History dialog, to help you recall and return to symbols you have recently examined. The dialog is available through the icon in the upper right corner of the Symbol panel.

Controls on the Symbol History dialog itself help you filter through your browsing history, and even create a graph showing the part of your software where you have been browsing.