Sources of Profile Data

Imagix 4D supports several sources of run-time profile data for C and C++ source code. These sources are linked to the compiler used to build the executable. If you're compiling with gcc/g++, you can create gcov and gprof datafiles and then import them into Imagix 4D. Many native Unix compiler environments include tcov and gprof in order to create similar datafiles. If you're using a pre-.NET versions of the Microsoft Visual C++ compilers, Imagix 4D accepts the profiler databases they can create.

Once the databases have been populated by running the executable, and some initial post-processing has been done on the platform where the executable runs, Imagix 4D is able to load tcov, gcov, gprof or profiler data regardless whether Imagix 4D itself is running in the environment where the executables were built and executed.

Your choice of which data source to generate and load will depend upon which metric you want to see:

Coverage shows how completely each function has been exercised.

gcc compiler - gcov required, gprof optional
Native Unix compiler - tcov required, gprof optional
Visual C++ compiler - profiler (line coverage or line counting type) required

Time shows how much time was spent in each function.

gcc or native Unix compiler - gprof required
Visual C++ compiler - profiler (function timing type) required

Frequency shows how often each function was executed.

gcc or native Unix compiler - gprof required
Visual C++ compiler e - profiler (any function type) required