Invoking the License Server

For both node-locked and floating, file-based licensing, the Imagix 4D application starts by simply invoking the application. However, with the server-based floating license, the Imagix license server must be started before you can check out a seat of Imagix 4D.

In a Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8 system, the installation process automatically sets up the license server as one of the machine's services, but you'll need to manually start the license server through the Services applet when you first install the licensing. For any of these environments, refer to your system documentation for more information.

Under Linux/Unix, the license server is started by invoking ../imagix/bin/imagix-licsrv. You ought to configure your system so that the Imagix license server is automatically restarted whenever the machine runs the license server reboots. In a Linux/Unix system, this generally means adding the invocation of the Imagix license server into your initialization scripts (/etc/rc?). The Linux/Unix distributions include sample rc scripts in the ../imagix/bin directory. You can modify these for your environment.

A couple of license server configuration options are available.

You can generate a log of license server activity - client applications being checked out and checked back in. Under Windows, specify the logfile by creating a file named LogInfo that contains a single line, FILE, and writing LogInfo to the directory $(AllUsersProfile)\Imagix\4D (under recent versions of Windows, this is c:\ProgramData\Imagix\4D). In older versions of Imagix 4D, add a string value named LogInfo to the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Imagix\4D registry, using regedit, and then set the value of LogInfo to FILE. Under Linux/Unix, invoke the license server with the option `-licsrvlog FILE', where FILE is the full path name of the logfile where license activity is to be recorded.

Current license status can be obtained through command-line queries. To query the Windows license server, run `imagix-licsppt -licstatus' on the license server machine. Under Linux/Unix, invoke `imagix-licstatus'.

You can also limit which machines are allowed to check out a license (and thereby run the Imagix 4D client application). Normally, any machine that can access the license server can then check out the client application, as long as a seat is available. However, if the file ../imagix/data/clients exists, the file will be read, and only machines whose hostname appears in the clients file will be able to check out the Imagix 4D client application. In the clients file, separate each valid machine name with a space rather than with a punctuation character.