Appendix A. Invoking Imagix 4D

Imagix 4D is started by running the executable ..\imagix\bin\imagix.exe (for Windows) or ../imagix/bin/imagix (for Unix/Linux). Normally, Imagix 4D is invoked without using any options. Starting Imagix 4D with one or more of the following options modifies its behavior.

-cmmd filename Start Imagix 4D in batch mode, and execute the commands specified in filename.

For major, repetitive tasks, such as regenerating project data or generating reports and documentation, you may want to run the tool in command line (batch) operation. This capability, including the commands and format of filename, is described further in Appendix B.

-demo Start Imagix 4D, and automatically open the sample project.

When started in demo mode, Imagix 4D automatically loads a sample project. No other projects can be opened, and no other data sources can be loaded. No license is consumed in demo mode; the same behavior occurs when Imagix 4D is run using a demo license key.

-project dirname Start Imagix 4D, and automatically open project dirname.

With opened with the -project option, Imagix 4D behaves like normal, with the single exception that the tool automatically opens the specified project. Through the user interface, the tool can open other projects, add data sources, etc. The -project option is most useful multi-user environments to focus less experienced users on specific projects.

-regen dirname Start Imagix 4D, automatically open project dirname, and immediately regenerate the project data.

Opening Imagix 4D with the -project option is similar to using the -project option, except that the project data is immediately regenerated, so that the project represents a current view of the source code.