Information Overlay

The various tools in Imagix 4D form something of a hierarchy for further examination of a symbol, relationship or other item appearing in one of its displays. The most comprehensive of these is typically the Analyzer function, providing access to detailed graphical analysis. Less extensive but quicker is the Symbol panel, where separate tabs describe multiple aspects of the symbol or relationship.

The quickest and most direct tool for a simple description of the item is the Information overlay. The overlay has the additional benefit that it is very context sensitive, so that the information posted depends on what is directly underneath when the overlay is invoked.

For example, when describing a symbol, the overlay typically includes the symbol's type, scope, file location and often some associated metrics. However, this can vary. When invoked from a Sequence Diagram or a Flow Chart, the overlay might display relevant lines of source code. From the File Editor, the overlay can display information about the file itself and where in the file the mouse is located. And as in the screenshot here, if File Editor has underlined the source code directly underneath the mouse, the Information overlay indicates which source check is being flagged.

When a relationship is being examined, the overlay lists the two related symbols, the type of their relationship, and when possible, the line of source code causing that relationship.

Invoke: The Information overlay is invoked through a Shift-Control left click. It is also available as an item on the context sensitive menu, but when invoked that way, some detail of the mouse's specific location can be lost, so the resulting overlay may not be quite as specific.