Importing Profile Data

You can use the Data Sources dialog (Project > Data Sources) to load the data sources.

There are restrictions on the order in which you load the data sources. The program structure information must be added, using one of the Source Files approaches, before the profile information can be loaded. This is because Imagix 4D builds the profile information on top of the information it maintains about your software's functions and calling hierarchy. This is how, for example, Imagix 4D is able to convert tcov's file-related results into more meaningful function-related results. This also enables you to view each function's profile results as values in the Metrics display.

If you are importing gprof or profiler data, and are running Imagix 4D on the platform where the executable ran, there are two choices for loading in the profile data. Use gprof Data Files or MSVC Profile Data File if you wish to import the raw data; use gprof Result File or MSVC Profile Result File if you've already done the post-processing. For gcov, the choice of whether or not to do the post-processing manually is made within the Coverage Files settings. If you are doing cross-platform development, your choice will be automatically limited to importing the post-processed results.

Invoke Context-Sensitive Help (KEY [F1]) to understand the details of the Data Sources dialog.