Generating Documentation

Imagix 4D's document generation facility enables you to automatically create detailed documentation from the information in the tool's database. By controlling the document's scope and format, you can generate documents for use in any of a wide number of scenarios. Common uses include:

Comprehensive Design Document. For your own code or code you've inherited, the best way to reference and study specific aspects of your software is normally to use Imagix 4D through its user interface. However, this may not be appropriate, due to budget limitations, technical constraints, or the need for a static design artifact. In such cases, a document covering the full project provides comprehensive design information with built-in navigation and some basic analysis.

Code Review Document. You can use Imagix 4D generated documents as a platform for structured code reviews. On a file, class or symbol level, you're able to automatically create a document with extensive details and analysis of the code unit being reviewed. Through the content and layout controls, you can ensure that the document fits easily with your standard review processes.

Change Impact or Problem Analysis Document. While using Imagix 4D to examine issues in the control flow or dependencies of your software, you may want to record your findings for communication or reference purposes. Again, you can do this inside the Imagix 4D user interface, using the bookmark function. However, if external documentation is wanted, a comprehensive record can be quickly and automatically generated through the document function.