Free-Floating License

If you have a Windows laptop running Imagix 4D under a floating, server-based installation of Imagix 4D, you may at times want to disconnect the laptop from your network and take it offsite, but continue to be able to run Imagix 4D on the laptop. The Imagix License Server supports this through the Free-Float License mechanism (Help > License > CheckXX Free-Float License). You can use the mechanism to check out a license to your Windows laptop.

Once you've done so, the seat is retained by the laptop and you're be able to start Imagix 4D even when you are disconnected from the license server. When you're reconnected to the network and done with the license, simply check it back in through the same mechanism.

At the time you check out the free-floating license, you're able specify the maximum checkout period, up to 45 days. If by the expiration of that period you haven't checked the license back in, the check in will occur automatically.