Document Scope

Through the Document dialogs, you specify what portions of your software you want to cover and what types of information you'd like to include in your documentation. Imagix 4D will combine data in its database together with data that exists in your source files, and automatically generate the documentation.

The scope of the document is controlled in part by where you invoke the document function. The Document dialog can be opened from a number of places in the user interface. Depending on where it's called from, different scope choices will be available.

To document the entire project, open the Document dialog from the main menubar. To create a document about a specific file or class, for example for a code review document, right click on that file or class anywhere in the user interface; then, in the resulting context sensitive menu, choose the Document... action. If you're working in a Graph window and have created call graph of function dependencies that you want to document, invoke the dialog through that Graph window's local menubar.