Document Contents and Layout

Within the scope of the project, you have wide control over the contents of the documentation output. You're able to specify which symbol types are included and what information is generated about each included symbol. As you're getting started with Imagix 4D, the easiest way to control this is through the Document Settings dialog. There, a tabbed series of checkboxes enable you to specify such things as which metrics to include and what comment style to look for.

The definition of what information is available for a given symbol type, and the order that that information appears, is controlled through the ../imagix/user/user_doc.txt template. Advanced users might want to review and modify this file to optimize the output for their use. Instructions for doing this are contained in the file itself. Before making any changes, be sure to make a copy of the original file.

DocGen sheets offer an alternative to the Document Settings dialog and the user_doc.txt template. Through the DocGen sheets, you're able to specify the same things you did through the dialog and template, and then store those settings between sessions. Furthermore, the DocGen sheets enable you to control many more aspects about the document and its build process. These range from appearance factors as page width and graph size to such build issues as distributed document generation.

Any .dgn file located in the ../imagix/user/doc_gen directory can be applied through the Document dialog. There is a sample DocGen sheet (../imagix/user/doc_gen/sample.dg_) which contains information on all the settings that can be made in the sheets.

By building up a series of DocGen sheets, you can create a collection of easily applied document style definitions, each optimized for generating a specific document type.