Data Sources

Imagix 4D provides a wide range of display windows and reports covering many aspects of your software. The information in these displays comes from a number of data sources. As you import data into Imagix 4D's project database, you control the type and scope of information available.

The data sources provide four basic types of information used in Imagix's displays:

File System File information contains data about the hierarchy of your directories and files. It also includes their attributes such as ownership, read/write permissions, and modification date. Imagix 4D automatically collects this information from your file system.

Program Elements The majority of the Imagix 4D displays focus on program elements and their relationships to each other, including information, such as the quality metrics, which describe attributes of the program elements. Imagix 4D generates this data by analyzing the source files themselves.

Profiling Data Data sources characterizing the run-time behavior of your executables are created by setting flags on your compilers and then running your executable. You need to explicitly specify that these data sources be loaded.

The most important of these data sources is your source code itself. Once you have determined which data sources contain the information you'd like to study, you're ready to generate any data sources that haven't yet been created.