Analyzer Automation

The Graph window provides extensive functionality for exploring a wide range of aspects about your software - including control structures, data usage, and class inheritance. You can grow and trim graphs to examine dependencies between functions, understand where the global variables are used outside of their defining file, explore data hierarchies and trace file inclusion. Imagix 4D's ability to graphically query and display various aspects of your software is virtually unlimited.

The Analyzer feature automates this functionality; it provides a simple, quick means to generate comprehensive graphs that illuminate specific aspects about targeted symbols.

You focus the Analyzer tab on one specific symbol at a time. For that symbol, a series of powerful queries is listed. These queries are specific to the symbol's type, and often the symbol itself. For example, queries for class include a number of graphs examining the class's usage. If the class has public variable members, these graphs include one showing where the variable members are set or read by functions outside of the class.

Some of the queries examine the relationships with a second symbol. For example, one of the queries for functions identifies any and all calling paths between the target symbol and a second function that you choose.

Sometimes, the one-step graph will provide you with all the information you need in order to understand the particular aspect that you're interested in. At other times, the automatically generated graph will serve at serve as a starting point for deeper analysis into your software.