Adding Your Own Data - vdb files

Generally, the Imagix 4D database uses datafiles generated by the Imagix 4D data collectors. However, you can import datafiles that you have generated yourself if you have some data about your software that 1) isn't already captured by the Imagix 4D data collectors, and 2) is valuable to view within the project context. You can combine as much or as little data into each datafile as you choose. As long as your datafiles correspond to the format used by Imagix 4D, Imagix 4D can import them.

After you have generated a file containing the data you want to add, use the Data Sources dialog (Project > Data Sources), selecting Vdb File as the type, and specifying a full file pathname. There are no restrictions on the pathname. This will cause the data in the file you specify to be loaded into the database, and to be visible through the user interface. When you run the Update Project Data and Regenerate Project Data functions, that same file is simply reread; you're responsible for making any changes to it.

The most common cases of generating datafiles involve adding information about function pointers and addition information for browsing to non-C/C++ code, such as assembler code or FORTRAN. Examples follow. You can refer to ../imagix/data/vdb/schema.vdb, where entity, relationship, and attribute types are defined. More information about the Imagix 4D data model and its format is provided in the Imagix Toolkit.