Learning Unfamiliar Source Code

Imagix 4D speeds developers in understanding legacy, complex, 3rd party or open source C, C++ and Java source code. By using Imagix 4D to reverse engineer and analyze your software, you're able to speed your development, testing, reuse, and maintenance. Learn unfamiliar code. Eliminate bugs due to faulty understanding. Get new hires on board faster. Spend time engineering, not reading through code.
This video is a technical demo showing the tool being used to explore source code for a relatively small robotics project. The software, written in C and C++, is included with Imagix 4D so that you can experiment further after watching the demo.

Overall, Imagix 4D's visualization and analysis range from high level architectural diagrams down to details of the software's function, variable, and type dependencies and program logic. As this demo focuses on exploring unfamiliar software, the emphasis is on Imagix 4D's higher level views and analysis -- using architectural diagrams, software metrics, file and class visualization, and automated analysis to study the code.

Here's a transcript of this video, for notes or review.

Reverse Engineering and
Analyzing Unfamiliar Code