How Imagix Can Save Your Team Money

The role of UML Class Diagrams in the forward engineering of object-oriented software systems is to model the static design view of a system. When applied to the reverse Imagix 4D is one of the most efficient reverse engineering tools. It can be used in many projects to understand and get an overview of the code in the project. The sophisticated code analysis implemented through the app reveals the anatomy of a software project.

In a normal reverse engineering project, the engineers need to analyze the code line by line. This makes the process very hectic and time-consuming. This can increase the expenses of the company. Imagix 4D simplifies the process. It gives a pictorial relationship between classes, objects, their method or functions and many more.

Because of this, it makes it easy for engineers to understand the anatomy of the software project as soon as possible. With Imagix 4D, you can quickly drill down to the internal structure of a project and dive deeper to have a clear idea about the project. Database lookups and graphical query help to focus on the relevant portion of your code. Imagix 4D uses the compiler configuration files to generate precise output. It helps the team to understand, how the code behaves with a specific compiler. This can reduce a lot of hard work for your team and can save some money.

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How Imagix Can
Save Your Team Money