Which Programming Language Is Right For Your Software: C / C++

In order to find the answer to the above question, the first thing we need to know are the basic differences between the C and the C++ programming languages. Then, we will discuss the types of software that are perfect for each of these languages. Then, you can choose which language is best suited for your software.

Here are some of the differences between the C and C++ language. C is a procedure-oriented programming language, whereas, C++ is an object-oriented programming language. C is specially designed for system programming and development, but C++ is dedicated to general purpose applications. C is relatively lighter than C++, as C++ has more resource overheads than C.

Let's look into some software that uses C and C++. C is used in the development of operating systems, programming languages, areas where faster computation is required for the implementation of data structures and algorithms, embedded systems, etc. C++ is used mainly in web browsers, games, database software like ORACLE, GUI based apps, CAD/CAM software, etc. Now, you can choose the right language for your software. Most of the time, for our daily applications, C++ is preferred over C.

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Which Programming Language Is Right
For Your Software: C / C++