Identify the Impact of
Source Code Revisions

Diff-based tools show changes at the level of the source code. To gain perspective on the significance, scope and impact of those differences, you need to review and understand each modified line of source code. Or you can use Imagix 4D's Delta Analysis, and compare software revisions at a meaningful level. Instantly. Accurately.

For C, C++ and Java developers


High Level Views

Avoid manually analyzing mountains of diff data. Easily examine changes at the level where they have impact. See differences in:
  • Software Architecture
  • Function Dependencies
  • Variable Usage
  • File and Class Membership
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Uses of Analysis Results

Structured, organized reports and displays show the effect that the differences have on control flow and packaging. Use results to:
  • Compare to Planned Changes
  • Guide Code Reviews
  • Develop Regression Tests
  • Design Software Merges

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Free Trial

Analyze your software now. Download and get started exploring the tool. Imagix 4D's source code analysis includes support for:
  • Revision Control Systems
  • Embedded Cross-Compilers
  • Combined C, C++ and/or Java
  • Multitasking Systems