Find and Fix
Concurrency Issues
via Static Testing

Do you use semaphores, mutexes or interrupt protection to control concurrency in multitasking or multithreaded systems? Apply Imagix 4D to steer between race conditions and deadlocks. Review task partitioning and intertask communication. Detect potential problems in data sharing and thread safety.

For C and C++ developers


Key Features

Understand and test your concurrency control, through static analysis and verification of:
  • Multitasking Implementation
  • Critical Race Conditions
  • Deadlock Prevention
  • Thread Synchronization
  • Data Access and Sharing
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Typical Applications

Speed your design and QA activities via source code analysis of your multitasking system. Automates:
  • Inspecting Variable Sharing
  • Checking Concurrency Design
  • Analyzing Real-Time Control
  • Change Impact Analysis
  • Generating Documentation

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Free Trial

Analyze your software now. Download and get started exploring the tool. Imagix 4D's source code analysis includes support for:
  • Tasks, Semaphores, Mutexes
  • Real-Time Operating Systems
  • Embedded Cross-Compilers
  • Combined C, C++ and/or Java